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The Arcus Budget enclosure range are available in oval and round styles for covering in-ground or above-ground swimming pools. These enclosures are portable and come with fully waterproof UV resistant blue and clear panels suitable for year round use. 

Extend your
swimming season 

Our budget enclosures ensure that you enjoy your swimming pool throughout those days of bad weather. With an Arcus Budget pool enclosure you will find that your pool water is on average 5 to 7°C warmer than that of an uncovered pool, due to the solar effect of the cover. Arcus Budget pool enclosures can have many other uses too, not only can they be used to cover pools but they can be used as temporary covers for functions, covering vehicles, and for an outdoor games room for table tennis and other activities. Contact Arcus Products based in Cambridgeshire for more information. 
Based in Cambridgeshire
we provide coverage
for the
whole of the UK
Can be self-installed

Features of
Arcus Budget enclosures 

  • Aluminium framed with textile covering
  • Easy to assemble and install with fixing points to the ground
  • Extends your swimming season by reducing heat loss from the pool water
  • Reduces the contamination of pool water by rain, wind, dust, debris and dirt – meaning you save on chemicals and cleaning
  • Ensures better pool safety by reducing the risk of children and animals getting into an open pool
The Arcus Budget pool enclosures protect your swimming pool and are perfect for creating temporary rooms and covering other applications. Call Arcus Products on 
01945 450 170 Check out latest updates on Facebook

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