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Pool and enclosure package

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Our pool and enclosure package provides you with a real in the ground swimming pool and an all-weather enclosure, for an astonishingly low price. All the major components are made in Cambridgeshire, the UK and Europe to EU standards. This allows Arcus Products to put a complete kit together for a price that takes home swimming into new territory. 

A package
tailored to you 

Each order will be made to your exact requirements and we will take the time to help you make the right selection. We will listen to your requirements, understand your lifestyle and your needs so we can suggest what will work best for you. The Propa pool is made to order in a range of sizes, colours and shapes. The enclosures can also be tailored to your exact requirements, with a choice of finishes, colours and styles. Swimming is the all-round answer to your family’s exercise needs and the perfect leisure activity, and with an all-weather cover there is no excuse not to!

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this package

  • One piece Propa pool
  • Telescopic enclosure for use no matter what the weather!
  • Pump, filter and pipes
  • Cleaning kit
  • Lights
  • Steps 
  • Swim jet
Enjoy the luxury of home swimming with our swimming pool and enclosure package. Get in touch with Arcus products by calling 
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