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Propa pool with a safety cover

Pool safety covers

Keep your swimming pool protected all year round with a floating safety cover from Arcus Products. We have two types of high-quality safety covers available, the above ground systems and the submerged systems. 
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Advantages of
our pool safety covers: 

  • Effective protection against involuntary falls and possible drowning
  • Protection against debris entering the water (leaves and other objects)
  • Energy saving (thermal insulation)
  • Chemical and water saving (for containing evaporation)
  • Maintain a more constant temperature
Based in Cambridgeshire
we provide coverage
for the
whole of the UK

Advantages of 
our pool safety covers: 

  • Increase of the swimming pool period (temperature maintenance)
  • Choice of the slat colour (4 possible colours)
  • Comfort / ease of use
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Pleasant to look at with no intrusive aesthetics

Above ground systems

Systems for swimming pools that are already built and where it is not possible or you do not wish to install a submerged cover. Within this range we have the following models available:
Atlantic Mediterranee Hawai Caraibes

Submerged safety covers

These systems have the same safety advantages of the above ground ones but present an additional advantage - their pleasing aesthetics. After their installation, these systems become completely concealed, keeping to the previous harmonious environment around the existing pool area. Although submerged systems are for swimming pools that have the proper space (pit) for their installation (or for swimming pools under construction) they can, due to the variety of our range, be installed in almost every type of swimming pool.

We have the following models available:
Fiji Ibiza Bermuda
We have a pool safety cover to suit every type of swimming pool. If you are unsure about which one will work best for you contact our team based in Cambridgeshire on
01945 450 170 Check out latest updates on Facebook

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