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Sunsoka swimming pools

Arcus Products and Sunsoka introduce our above ground polypropylene exercise pool.
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Sunsoka pools
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Arcus Products manufacture Sunsoka pools from our factory in Cambridgeshire and each pool is made to order. This means that the pools are bespoke to you, so you can choose the exact shape and size to suit your needs. You can also choose specific technical specifications: multi nozzle, multi pump, swim jets, underwater lights, a heating system or even having it in-ground. We offer complimentary site surveys which gives us the opportunity to really understand your requirements and assess what would work best for you. Need more information? Contact our team today.
Manufactured from our factory in
Can be self-installed

Features of
Sunsoka swimming pools 

  • 6 x 2.5 x 1.2 Propa pool using Arcus’s unique polypropylene technology
  • The lining is virtually indestructible (50+ years' life)
  • 5mm thick, pale blue polypropylene pool structure with built in steps
  • 75/11 mm insulation (part L)
  • Complete with pump and filter
  • LED underwater lights 
  • Electric control box
  • 6kw heater and the single nozzle
  • 70m ³ /h swim jet
  • Can also add a heat pump and cyclone cartridge filter

Our Sunsoka pools are made to order to your specifications. For more information call 
01945 450 170 Check out latest updates on Facebook

Book your complimentary site survey or register your interest today. 

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