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Improve your pool water quality

Improve your pool water quality with a saltwater chlorinator or pH product from Pool Technologie. Arcus Products have a range of products that are easy to use and that will improve the quality of your pool water greatly, providing an all-round improved swimming experience. 
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Having clear
and healthy swimming pool water has never been so easy 

Saltwater chlorination is an electro-chemical principle allowing natural and biological disinfection. It is carried out in a high-grade plated titanium cell, polarised by a low voltage current. The slightly salty water (1/7 as salty as seawater) passes through the chlorination cell, automatically producing a pure chlorine gas. This efficiently destroys bacteria, algae and chloramines without any residue or pollution.
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for the
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Benefits of 
saltwater chlorinators

This technology brings you:
  • Relaxation: your pool is automatically disinfected
  • Safety - no more chlorine to buy, store or handle
  • Comfort - clean, safe and crystal-clear water
  • Health and well-being - saltwater does not irritate eyes or dry out skin

An outline of some of the available products

Improve the quality of your swimming pool water with a saltwater chlorinator from Arcus Products. Call our team based in Cambridgeshire on 
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